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In or Out?

In a world dominated by computers, it's essential for your businesses to incorporate the right technology into your operation to stay competitive. The problem is technology is complex and evolves rapidly, leaving companies to either hire internal IT support to help or outsource to a 3rd party, both of which have their downfalls:

Internal - Very familiar with your network and applications which is great for day-to-day break/fix and help desk solutions but not so great when it comes to scaling your network, implement complex projects, and overall planning and management. A company will struggle if they try to grow without aligning their IT with their business goals.

External - Typically have access to a group of qualified engineers that can provide capabilities that your average in-house team cannot, but working with a 3rd party provider can be like the deli station at a grocery store... You have a huge shopping list to get to, limited time in the store, and need to race home in time to cook, but instead there you are, ticket in hand, waiting to be called upon and helped. You aren't exactly sure how many people are in front of you or when your number will be called but you sure won't be going anywhere till that time comes! Sound fun?

The Four Winds Difference

At Four Winds we like to do things a little bit differently... Having partnered with hundreds of companies we understand that no one business is the same which is why our engineers take the time to truly learn about your operation (what's critical to the operation, biggest challenge employees face, company goals, etc) so we can build a customized strategy specific to the needs of your business. Why settle for a cookie cutter solution for your unique business?

When it comes to support we don't do tickets, hate call centers, and see auto-attendants as a waste of time. We understand that if you are calling us it's not to chat, it's because you have a problem that needs fixing which is why ALL of our calls go a live Four Winds team member . Need a more hands on approach? Four Winds can provide the boots on the ground needed to implement large projects or deliver training for your staff.

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