FREE Disaster Preparedness Checklist

Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Business Owners (1)Did you know that over 50% of SMB's that experience significant downtime due to a disaster end up going out of business within the year?

Are you prepared for ANYTHING?

Operating a Florida-based business means being no stranger to the threat of hurricane season and the slew of complications that could occur if your local community is directly or indirectly impacted by severe weather conditions. Unfortunately, hurricanes only make up a fraction of the natural (hurricanes, flood, disease) or man-made (hackers, terrorism) disasters that can occur. In addition to this, many Flordia-based companies are unprepared and/or poorly equipped to deal with the fallout of these scenarios.

Ask yourself: 

  • Who is responsible for communicating updates to your team in the event of a disaster? 
  • Are your employees capable of working remotely? 
  • Do you have a backup location available? 
  • How will you reach your clients in the event of a power outage?

These are just a few of the questions that need to be addressed BEFORE a disaster strikes. Because when it comes to your business, being ill-prepared is not an option. 

Luckily for all businesses across the country, you don’t have to wait until you hear sirens to get your plans together. Download our free checklist and make sure your business is prepared for anything!