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What is Your Logo Story?

Posted October 11, 2018 by Maureen Borden

Creating your company logo can be a daunting (but exciting!) task.  This small piece of art must incorporate some symbolism of what your company does, and, once created, will then be permanently linked to your company name and brand. No pressure there! We would love to hear your ‘logo story’.

When creating our Four Winds logo we wanted it to embody our surroundings as well as capture our company’s mission. A compass was the perfect focal point of a global shape in which the four points are connected with circular lines. Four Winds Network Services is located in Sarasota, FL where the sun, wind, sea and plant life create a paradise where the four seasons meld gently into each other. The four points of the compass correspond to the seasons with the center of the compass symbolizing the sun. The circular lines signify the wind and waves in constant movement around the earth.   

There is a rich, second layer symbolic of Four Wind’s company vision. We live in a global world where information and communication is crucial to the success of a business, thus, the globe-shaped logo. The circular lines represent our “lines of communication”. We prioritize first and foremost listening to our customers so we can best understand their needs and goals.   The increasing lengths of those lines also signify the growth we hope to achieve for our customers, their employees and their customers. We arrive back to the center compass which embodies Four Wind’s desire to give our customers ‘direction’. Our constant research of leading-edge technology coupled with our understanding of our customers’ needs uniquely qualify us to help our customers navigate their businesses in the most efficient way to increase their productivity and realize their goals and dreams for the future of their company.

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