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ways to shrink your it budget

Posted August 9, 2017 by Dan Madigan


You have been told to reduce your spending on IT. Without cutting your budget you risk losing staff and your own job. You are challenged with the responsibility of reducing your IT budget at a time when improved security and efficiency are needed.

Here are a few ways to shrink your budget without going back to the days of typewriters and DSL:

1.) Virtualize your servers.

Stop throwing money away replacing and repairing old servers. Server virtualization will save you money on hardware, maintenance and energy. Your backups will be easier and disaster recovery more expedient. Virtualiztion is no longer on the bleeding edge of technology. It is a proven game changer. Embrace it.

2.) Buy used/refurbished equipment.

Routers, switches and access points have a relatively long shelf life. Buying used is generally a safe bet. Used/refurbished servers can be purchased and configured to your specifications with warranties up to 5 years. Many of theses servers have never been used and can save you thousands of dollars.

3.) Repurpose technology resources.

Instead of trashing aging technology, repurpose it. Scavenged parts from old desktops and servers can be combined to make a more powerful resource. Network cables with bad terminals can be cut and reused with new ends. Old PC's can be wiped clean and sold on eBay or donated for a tax write-off.

4.) Outsource to data centers and IT support vendors.

Moving your email to Office 365 may make sense for some businesses and can provide access to the latest personal production software.  Outsourcing your support to the  Four Winds Network Services team can give you a depth of knowledge and experience at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. With outsourcing you can avoid employee overtime, vacation, and healthcare costs.

5.) Review your mobile device policy.

Many companies reimburse employees for their personal mobile phone costs - this can get expensive quickly. Consider ending this reimbursement for employees no longer on call or who do not use their personal device for work. Shop around with the big carriers to see if you can get a corporate discount. Other lesser known services such as Project Fi from Google is an example of a simple, reliable plan that can save your budget.

Forced to trim down your IT budget - don't panic. Call the experts at Four Winds Network Services  at 941-315-2380 for a free consultation designed to save you money and increase efficiency.