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Security Alert: Your Website Might Display This Warning Starting July 2018

[fa icon="calendar'] June 28, 2018 / by Communications posted in Tech Tips

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Security Event vs. Security Incident  

[fa icon="calendar'] April 5, 2018 / by Communications posted in Tech Tips, Cyber Security

Data Privacy and Security

Security ‘events’ and security ‘incidents’ happen every day in all businesses. What’s the distinction between the two? An ‘event’ is a broad term that describes anything that has significance for system hardware or software, the level of risk associated with the event determines whether or not it is classified as an incident.

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Does your IT Person Need Back-up too?

[fa icon="calendar'] November 29, 2017 / by Communications posted in Local I.T., Tech Tips, Virtual CIO

Every company needs strong back-up and disaster recovery plans to protect their data and productivity but what about a ‘back-up’ plan for your IT guy or gal? Do you have an overworked IT person who is working on projects requiring concentration yet constantly being interrupted with pleas for help when co-workers have lost files, cannot log in or are unable to make their computer talk to the printer?

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Look out for the Locky RANSOMWARE INFECTION!

[fa icon="calendar'] October 5, 2017 / by Communications posted in Tech Tips, Cyber Security, People Patching


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Are IT Acronyms a Mystery to You?

[fa icon="calendar'] September 15, 2017 / by Communications posted in Tech Tips, Virtual CIO

ISP, CPU, I.P.’s, LAN vs WAN, MSP are just a few acronyms that can cause business owners to feel as though they’re deciphering Chinese when making IT related business decisions. This can be stressful and time consuming given that these decisions will directly impact your company’s productivity and profit. As IT novices, many business people don’t know what most acronyms mean without looking them up. A good MSP, however, can help you wade through these acronyms which will allow you to make wise IT decisions to best suit your company’s goals.

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Ways to Shrink your IT Budget

[fa icon="calendar'] August 9, 2017 / by Dan Madigan posted in Tech Tips, Virtual CIO

You have been told to reduce your spending on IT. Without cutting your budget you risk losing staff and your own job. You are challenged with the responsibility of reducing your IT budget at a time when improved security and efficiency are needed.

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