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Microsoft Server 2008 'End of Life'

[fa icon="calendar'] September 10, 2019 / by Communications posted in IT Roadmap, Virtual CIO

On January 14th, 2020 Microsoft Server 2008 will officially go 'End of Life' which could cause some serious issues for your business if you currently operate a server with MS Server 2008. Check out the infographic below for a quick rundown or get the full story on what this means for your business with our latest blog:

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End of Support: The Beginning of Your Digital Transformation

[fa icon="calendar'] September 5, 2019 / by Communications posted in Tech Tips, IT Roadmap, Virtual CIO

“End of life” may sound a little overdramatic and Microsoft’s 2008 Server going 'end of life' certainly isn’t life or death but if your business runs this popular Microsoft server you will want to mark January 14th, 2020 on your calendar. The 2008 server will officially go 'end of support' which poses both problems and opportunities to businesses employing these servers. We will explore the risks associated with keeping a legacy server, upgrade options, and the benefits your business will realize by upgrading.

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Malware, Hacking, and Phishing, Oh My!

[fa icon="calendar'] April 17, 2019 / by Communications posted in IT Roadmap, Cyber Security

Something Smells Phishy...

You’re at your desk Monday morning sipping your coffee and sifting through your emails from the weekend when one in particular catches your eye. It’s from Steve, a business partner of 15 years, and, in his email he lets you know that they recently switched banks and will have a new routing number for payments going forward. He provides all the information and tells you to call if you have any questions. You go ahead and update your system with the new information and go on with your day.

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Marriott Database Debacle: A Cautionary Tale

[fa icon="calendar'] April 1, 2019 / by Communications posted in IT Roadmap, Cyber Security

Historic Breach

Remember the story of the Trojan Horse? The Trojans and Greeks had reached a standstill in their war because the walls around the city of Troy could not be breached. One day, the Trojans woke up to find that the Greeks had fled in the middle of the night, leaving behind a wooden horse as a gift. Happy to finally be finished with the war, the Trojans eagerly carried the horse inside their city walls. That very night Greek soldiers sprung from the horse and destroyed the city from the inside and the rest is, as they say, history.

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Does your C-Suite See Eye to Eye?

[fa icon="calendar'] April 10, 2018 / by Communications posted in IT Roadmap, Virtual CIO

Most CEOs cite malware as the greatest cybersecurity risk while their technical officers see identity breaches as the greater threat. This C-suite disconnect can lead to weak IT decisions that do not reflect or address the true primary threats each individual company is facing. A survey of 800 senior executives by Centrify and Dow Jones Intelligence found that 60% of CEOs expect to invest the most in protecting against malware rather than identity security protections although 68% of executives whose companies have already been breached acknowledge that the attack could have been prevented with identity and access protection.

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Help Your Employees Adopt New Technology

[fa icon="calendar'] July 19, 2017 / by Dan Madigan posted in IT Roadmap, Virtual CIO, People Patching

Anyone who has ever worked through a botched, new technology roll-out knows that even the best thought-out plans can quickly turn disastrous, especially if employees do not adopt the new technology.

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