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Hurricane Season: 7 Steps to Prep your Business

[fa icon="calendar'] February 14, 2020 / by Communications posted in Disaster Preparedness, Cyber Security

Hurricane Season 2019 is upon us but for most Floridians it's just another year in the Sunshine State. We've heard it all before and know what to do when a hurricane is on the radar: Stock up on canned foods and bottled water, test to see if your backup generator is still working, board up your windows and doors, stay up to date on the path of the storm, map out potential evacuation routes, and, if S#%! really hits the fan, call your in-laws to see if you can crash at their place where it’s safe and dry.

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Hurricane Season: Mother Nature’s Friendly not so Reminder to Leverage Your IT

[fa icon="calendar'] August 5, 2019 / by Communications posted in Disaster Preparedness, Cyber Security

Alright, let’s cut to the chase, we all know what a hurricane is and its potential for destruction. Around this time of year statistics are thrown out from news outlets and social media about damage from previous years and what’s on the horizon in the coming months. Even the Department of Homeland Security sponsors a site for disaster planning to urge businesses to be prepared ahead of time. At this point, if you do not consider storms a threat throwing more statistics (like the one to your right) at you isn’t going to change your mind.

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The Phishing Tackle Box: Your Guide to Avoid Getting Hooked

[fa icon="calendar'] June 27, 2019 / by Communications posted in Cyber Security

If you have used email in the past ten years or have had an online presence there is a good chance you know about phishing. I am not talking about the relaxing, semi-boring, past-time spent with Grandpa on the lake, but those off-putting, suspicious emails and other messages you get that

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Data Privacy and Security Reform: We’re Next

[fa icon="calendar'] May 31, 2019 / by Communications posted in Cyber Security, Compliance

Compliance is Coming for US... Businesses

Since the advent of the internet, the storage and use of private data has been as cavalier as the Wild West. Businesses have been free to collect any data they can get their hands on, build massive customer databases, and then manipulate or even sell the information for their benefit.

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Malware, Hacking, and Phishing, Oh My!

[fa icon="calendar'] April 17, 2019 / by Communications posted in IT Roadmap, Cyber Security

Something Smells Phishy...

You’re at your desk Monday morning sipping your coffee and sifting through your emails from the weekend when one in particular catches your eye. It’s from Steve, a business partner of 15 years, and, in his email he lets you know that they recently switched banks and will have a new routing number for payments going forward. He provides all the information and tells you to call if you have any questions. You go ahead and update your system with the new information and go on with your day.

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Marriott Database Debacle: A Cautionary Tale

[fa icon="calendar'] April 1, 2019 / by Communications posted in IT Roadmap, Cyber Security

Historic Breach

Remember the story of the Trojan Horse? The Trojans and Greeks had reached a standstill in their war because the walls around the city of Troy could not be breached. One day, the Trojans woke up to find that the Greeks had fled in the middle of the night, leaving behind a wooden horse as a gift. Happy to finally be finished with the war, the Trojans eagerly carried the horse inside their city walls. That very night Greek soldiers sprung from the horse and destroyed the city from the inside and the rest is, as they say, history.

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