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Houston 'Doesn't have a Problem' Thanks to Digital Transformation

Posted January 6, 2021 by Communications

For local governments, digital transformation isn't just a means of optimizing their daily operations or becoming more efficient—it's also about potentially saving and improving the lives of thousands (even millions) of citizens. In other words, it's about leveraging accurate, predictable data to be prepared for events such as an increase in population or a natural disaster. Thankfully, the increased availability of digital tools and a growing integration between devices and systems is bringing cities closer than ever to this reality. In this video, you'll learn about the City of Houston, Texas' vision for becoming an interconnected hub for technological advancement and innovation, thanks to the tools provided by always-on digital technology.

For most, undergoing a digital transformation can be rather daunting because it typically requires an individual or individuals to learn a new way of doing things. As a general rule, humans are resistant to change, so we tend to cling to traditional practices opposed to opening up to something different. Problem is embracing these new processes will typically lead to greater overall efficiency and performance. Imagine what would be like today if people never embraced email... We'd once again find ourselves standing in line at the fax machine (please no!) or even regress back to sending carrier pigeons.

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