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Protect your Business and Your Customers by Educating your Front Line

Posted May 9, 2018 by Communications



Cybersecurity breaches are expensive and can destroy the trust that customers place in a business and their services. Employees as the end-users of a company’s computers and cell phones, are a business’s first line of defense against security breaches but also their weakest link. What can businesses do about this reality? Educate them. Training employees can help protect the safety and future of their company as well as that of their customers who depend on them.

10 reasons why cybersecurity awareness training is an intelligent investment:

  1. End-users are human, curious by nature, sometimes too trusting, careless or even greedy. Hackers introduce malware into networks by preying on these human attributes thus making end-users the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain. It’s not surprising that phishing accounts for more than 93% of ransomware attacks.
  2. End-users, however, can go from being the weakest link to a powerful front line of defense. With education about malware sources and training on how to avoid them, users can learn to recognize and report possible threats to their security teams before a breach can occur.
  3. The Ponemon Institute found that even the least effective training programs resulted in a seven-fold return on investment by reducing lost productivity time which proves that security training can improve a client’s bottom line.
  4. Highlighting the significant and critical role that employees play in their company’s safety and future success is a key element of security awareness training. In addition to technology, employee training that focuses on changing bad habits results in reduced end-user failure rates.
  5. No target is too small! SMB’s have a false sense of security by thinking that hackers only attack large companies. SMB’s have data that hackers want and fewer resources to invest in the security plans that larger enterprises can afford. Hackers may also use SMB’s as an entry point to larger corporations through their digital connections.

These are five good reasons to consider end-user security awareness training. Four Winds can help SMB’s with this training. Contact us at 941.315.2380 and let our engineers create a business / technology road map for your company and the tools to help your employees navigate this map. Need five more reasons? Check back at for our next blog.


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