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IT Support that Listens to You

Posted November 13, 2017 by Communications



You deserve an IT service provider who is skilled in these areas:

  1. Does your provider listen and ‘hear between the lines’ and communicate without ‘arrogance and acronyms’? Your IT service engineer should have patience and concentrate on hearing what you, the customer is expressing, whether it’s a frustration that needs to be resolved or a wish that your system might do something better or different. Once they’ve ‘heard between the lines’ your provider then needs to clearly communicate a solution in terms that you and your staff understand.
  2. Is your provider truly ‘leading edge’, do they utilize new technology alongside time-tested legacy systems? Your provider should always be kicking the tires of new technologies that can help you down the road if not right away.
  3. Does your provider have a strategy for reducing system maintenance? They should be consistently monitoring and replacing high-breakage applications, the less down-time you have means greater productivity for you, your employees and your customers.
  4. Is your IT service provider regularly updating and testing your DR plan? If you have actually been through a disaster you know that there is no document more vital than the DR plan when things go wrong. A poor disaster recovery effort can harm your company's business reputation for a long time.

Four Winds engineers excel at listening to our customers since it is the only way we can customize a road map to best serve your needs. Call us at 941.315.2380 so we can ‘hear between the lines’ today!


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