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Instant Business Continuity Even When Internet is Down: The Magic of Automatic Cellular Failover

Posted July 31, 2018 by Communications


No internetIt is vital to your business that your company keeps running during a temporary internet outage, or, a natural disaster. The ability to keep ‘business as usual’ takes on a new level of urgency when that business is dependent on a reliable internet connection. If that connection is interrupted access to email, cloud-based applications and VoIP phones is lost meaning that orders and payments cannot be processed. Properly serving customers and generating revenue becomes difficult if not impossible.  

Until recently, your options for an automatic internet failover were very limited. A failover circuit from a competing ISP (internet service provider) is often non-existent or very expensive. DSL circuits are available, but, many times are extremely slow and not an acceptable alternative. Either of these choices can leave your business with  no failover plan.

Business continuity is imperative for every industry and developing a plan in the midst of a crisis can be a recipe for disaster. It is crucial that companies anticipate potential problems and have a tested, well-documented, and comprehensive plan already in place to address continuity of essential business processes.  

Four Winds Network Services has teamed with the nation’s leading wireless carrier(s) to provide instant business continuity with automatic failover when existing circuits fail. Automatic failover is now available at an affordable monthly cost. Contact Four Winds today to learn more at 941.315.2380 or sales@fourwindsnetworkservices!

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