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IT Support Sarasota - What to Look for in IT Support

Posted June 16, 2017 by Dan Madigan

I.T. support Sarasota - What to look for in I.T. Support

IT Support Sarasota

SMB's outsource many critical business functions - Accounting, Payroll, Marketing, H.R.... One of the most critical yet difficult to find is outsourced I.T. support. Most Business Owners / Managers are true experts in their industry but they lack the technical knowledge to make an informed decision on hiring I.T. support.

Here are a few things to look for in an I.T. Company:

  • One solution does not fit every business. Find a Network Engineering Firm that is not married to one technology solution or product. For example, not every business should move all their mission critical applications and data to the cloud. On the other hand, not every business needs an elaborate I.T. infrastructure.
  • Do not enter into a long term contract with an I.T. vendor. Long term contracts are more beneficial to the vendor rather than your business. If they can't earn your continued business every day - they don't deserve your business.
  • Find a true Network Engineering Firm. Many I.T. vendors are a "Jack of all trades but a master of none." The technology world is too vast for any one company to be experts in network engineering, websites, SEO, digital marketing, every business applications... A true Network Engineering Firm has the depth of knowledge and experience to offer you a customized solution focusing on your particular challenge.
  • Advanced Technology. No other industry advances as quickly as technology. Look for a firm that will find those advancements and incorporate them into their own company - before trying them on your business.

Look for an I.T. vendor that is willing to discuss not only your current challenges but help you formulate a Business / Technology  Road Map that will ultimately help you grow your Business. For more information








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