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Cybersecurity – CEOs and Boards Must be Proactive

Posted April 3, 2018 by Communications




Cybersecurity threats are continually advancing and are a serious and costly risk to many businesses. According to former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, Many C-suite executives and board directors are not well-versed in security measures and would be unable to effectively guard against and mitigate an attack.” With this lack of understanding comes indecision when dealing with cybersecurity or, worse, the acceptance of the misunderstanding that attacks are unavoidable.

To remain strong against cybersecurity threats, management teams and boards must work together to establish customized security parameters, create a culture of security, institute proactive policies and anticipate possible future threats.

CEO’s and management must determine their company’s most sensitive assets and set security parameters that ensure the business is accordingly compliant and secure. The board should review these parameters and communicate necessary changes. Boards need to ascertain that CEO’s and company leaders are exemplifying a culture of security and taking action to be sure this culture is permeating throughout the company. Boards and company leaders must keep abreast of changes in government regulations and be aware of new, potential threats to security. This knowledge will allow timely policy and security updates.

By following these guidelines, companies can better guard their data and customers, protect and retain valuable employees, increase productivity and reduce costly cybersecurity threats. Don’t avoid security decisions; contact Four Winds Network Services and our engineers will help you. Call 941.315.2380 or visit our website at