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Cloud Case Study - SitePro Streamlines Business with Azure

Posted February 26, 2020 by Communications

Cloud technology has been around for decades but it wasn't until 2006, when Eric Schmidt, Google's then CEO, reintroduced the term 'cloud computing' at an industry conference, that it took on it's modern day meaning. Since then, cloud technology has boomed made obvious by the now thousands of cloud-based business apps and over 83% of company workloads being stored on the cloud! [1]

So, with so many businesses already taking advantage of the cloud and the seemly limitless capabilities the cloud can offer, how can your company best take advantage of cloud technology? 

To answer that question we are going to be taking an in depth look at SitePro, a digital oilfield solutions provider, that transformed their company when they migrated to the cloud. Utilizing Microsoft Azure they've been able to deliver real time, cloud-based software solutions allowing their clients to optimize the full life-cycle of their fluid management operation, and separating them from the competition. 

Each week cover's a different aspect of how the cloud benefited their business with more weeks to follow. Check out what we've uncovered so far!

  1. Gaining Competitive Advantage
  2. Increase Operational Efficiency
  3. Actionable Data Insights
  4. High Availability and Scalability
  5. Increased Efficiency and Profits

Week 1 - Gain COmpetitive Advantage

SitePro gained a competitive advantage by combining onsite sensors and data collection with online data processing and management using Microsoft Azure. As a result, they were able to provide faster and more effective service to their customers, which in turn strengthened the offerings of their customers. It's a win for everyone.

Week 2 - Increase Operational Efficiency

Maintaining oil and gas fields requires companies to collect data, in a variety of formats, from the sites they manage. This is typically accomplished by deploying on-site automation tools which pull information from tanks, pumps, and valves. 

Utilizing a number of different applications from the Microsoft suite, SitePro's software is able to capture data in real-time eliminating the need to communicate and gather information from each location. This eliminates repetitive processes and saves money by consolidating vendors.

Week 3 - Actionable Data Insights

Azure's multiple service offerings enabled SitePo to create and run their entire turnkey application from a single platform. This allows their clients to operate from a single pane and quickly elicit actionable insights to catch problems before they occur and improve overall customer service.

Remote monitoring enables predictive maintenance meaning quicker response time and dispatch. This is crucial when it comes to delivering safety, controllability, and a better overall work environment.

Week 4 - High Availability And Scalability

Cloud technology enables rapid growth and eliminates costly upgrades traditionally associated with scaling a business. In the past additional storage would be required, software updates would need to be installed, etc... With Azure, programs will automatically update ensuring your network is ready to scale at a moments notice and there is no need to purchase and configure additional hardware. 

Azure also allows SitePro to better serve their clients. When they had to spin up a new database for a client, the process typically took a few weeks but with SQL Database it's reduced to a matter of minutes reducing lead time and giving clients earlier access to the tools they need.

Week 5 - Increased Efficiency and Profits

Time is money and with Azure, SitePro is able to save client's time by delivering vital data instantaneously, a process that previously took hours if not days. This instant access to data allows their clients to be more agile in their decision making and reduces time to deployment.

Not only does the cloud help deliver actionable data in real time, it also helps when it comes to new acquisitions. SitePro simply places IoT sensors at any new job site and integrates into their clients system for quicker access and use. Think of hours saved!


Check back next week for the next update!


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