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Does your IT Person Need Back-up too?

Posted November 29, 2017 by Communications

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Every company needs strong back-up and disaster recovery plans to protect their data and productivity but what about a ‘back-up’ plan for your IT guy or gal? Do you have an overworked IT person who is working on projects requiring concentration yet constantly being interrupted with pleas for help when co-workers have lost files, cannot log in or are unable to make their computer talk to the printer?

If your IT person is frequently pulled away from revenue-generating or cost-cutting projects to handle routine daily security tasks or to fix things that break it may be time to prioritize and ‘back-up’ your IT staff. Compare their skill sets against projects in your queue to determine the best outcome for your bottom line then research MSP’s – managed service providers. An MSP can reduce stress and increase your technology ROI by providing your IT personnel with access to a trusted advisor, a 24/7 help desk, remote monitoring and management tools, mobile device management tools, and much better disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. An MSP can help you boost productivity without the additional overhead of hiring additional IT staff.

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