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Cybersecurity: A Game Plan for a Successful Business

Posted April 26, 2018 by Communications


Companies need to foster a culture where cybersecurity is not just a list of boxes to check off, but, instead, a game plan in which all employees are vital players. With cyberattacks on the rise, CEOs must take a team approach to ‘win the game’ of increased productivity and profit while avoiding or mitigating disastrous losses should security breaches occur.

It is important that CEO’s take a positive approach in coaching their ‘team’ to see cybersecurity not as a roadblock to getting work done, but, as a daily habit of healthy practices that will ensure that work is not disrupted. Just as a football team has players who fill particular positions utilizing their skill sets, the same can be done within a company. CEO’s should pull employees from various departments of the business who are most adept at addressing the different facets of cybersecurity:

  1. Finance: How secure are the connections with third party partners?
  2. HR: Does the company directory have current information and has the information of former employees been removed from all accounts?
  3. IT: Are all applications up-to date with the most recent patches?
  4. Legal: Are all policies and procedures updated on a regular basis?
  5. Communications: Is there a channel of communication with approved messages readily available should a breach occur?

As always, a strong cybersecurity program should include multiple layers, ongoing employee training, testing and continual evaluation of the backup and DR plans, an honest review of existing equipment and a plan to address any gaps in technology. Hackers are constantly coming up with ingenious methods for breaching your company data so cybersecurity should be a priority, not an afterthought. Call Four Winds at 941.315.2380 and let our engineers be a part of your winning team.


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