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Customer Story: Argusi Boosts Sales with Dynamics 365

Posted November 10, 2020 by Dylan Borden

Do you struggle with fragmented business applications that are difficult to use? Perhaps it's a challenge to get your employees caught up and on the same page?

This was the case for Argusi, a Netherlands-based supply chain optimization firm, until they implemented Dynamics 365 Sales Professional. Starting out small, Argusi managed to get by using whatever platforms were available. As they grew, they realized this approach wouldn't scale.

Implementing Dynamics 365 Sales Professional alongside their existing Office 365 products, gave them the transparency they needed throughout the entire sales cycle. Watch this video to see why Argusi is "a big fan" Dynamics 365 Sales Professional and how it transformed their Sales organization.

Argusi is a perfect example of a company that had outgrown it's tech stack. Not only were their current applications becoming cumbersome and slowing down their employees, but they were also missing out on actionable insights that could improve their operation because their old tech couldn't properly leverage their data.

Technology moves FAST and thinking your current software and hardware is good enough can end up hurting your business. If you think your technology is leaving you behind give us a call or sign up for a network assessment with one of our experts!

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