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Hurricane Preparedness for Business

Posted June 11, 2018 by Communications

Disaster Recovery

On May 31st in the office, it is business as usual, but, June 1st strikes and it’s DEFCON 1 for the entire company. It’s hurricane season – is your business prepared? There are many similarities between preparing your home and family and preparing your office and employees. Here are steps to help you, your business and your customers prepare if Mother Nature decides to pay a visit:

  1. Just like you keep a list of friends and family members on your cell phone in case of emergency, be sure to keep an off-site list of customers, vendors and employee phone numbers. In the event of a hurricane, use this list to maintain contact with customers who may need your help, to continue regular communication with your vendors, and to stay in touch with your employees.
  2. Similar to uploading precious photos to the cloud and storing personal, valuable documents in a bank safety deposit box, it’s important for a business to back up critical data offsite. All strong Disaster Recovery Plans will already have regular, automatic back-ups but if your company does not yet have this, it’s best to start the process before the next storm has been named. By the time forecasters tell you a hurricane is likely to hit your area it may be too late to fully transfer all data before the eye is over your building.
  3. Buy a generator. It’s a steep investment but keeping your critical business systems up and running for days or even weeks following a hurricane is worth the cost and will mean a great deal to customers that depend on you. Looting is also a concern during severe hurricanes and a generator will allow your company to maintain alarm systems and protect your equipment.
  4. Practice makes perfect – having DRP’s and BCP’s is not enough. Your company must practice the processes needed to get your business back up and running. Going through the steps of your plan allows everyone to be familiar with their responsibilities and highlight any kinks that   can be addressed now and and not when a storm is bearing down.

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