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Be one of the 19 Percent of companies prepared for cyber attacks

Posted April 17, 2018 by Communications



Nineteen percent of senior executives polled by Microsoft and Marsh were highly confident in their company’s ability to prevent a cyberattack, and only thirty percent of those in the survey actually had a plan in place to respond to such an attack. These are not good percentages because any company whose data has been breached can tell you that it’s far less costly to set up a defense than it is to clean up the company’s reputation after a breach.

Four Winds can partner with your business to help you be a part of that nineteen percent. We will map out the steps to get you there. Every business must first start by identifying their vulnerabilities. Our engineers do this by listening to the owners, IT managers and other pertinent decision makers. It is important to take stock of current hardware as well as determine if your software is up to date – most companies are far behind on security patch updates. Four Winds can also run test incident scenarios to see how your company would respond and then explain any weaknesses that are identified.

Unique to Four Winds is their desire to understand your company’s goals as well as your security needs; this understanding will better allow them to create a customized business / technology road map to get you there in the most cost-efficient way.

Once you have a plan in place, owners and management cannot stop there. A company’s strength – its employees – can also be its greatest weakness. Continual training, retraining and testing is crucial for keeping employees on their toes so they can be a stronger front-line defense to your company’s data, reputation and future success. It’s also important that your security is not a “hard candy shell, soft center lollipop” defense. Be sure you have many layers of security and not just a “perimeter of defense”. Without layering it’s only a matter of time before criminals crack the outer layer and ransom your data.

It’s a well used phrase but very wise, “Better safe than sorry.” Call Four Winds  today at 941.315.2380.


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