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Ways to Shrink your IT Budget

[fa icon="calendar'] August 9, 2017 / by Dan Madigan posted in Tech Tips, Virtual CIO

You have been told to reduce your spending on IT. Without cutting your budget you risk losing staff and your own job. You are challenged with the responsibility of reducing your IT budget at a time when improved security and efficiency are needed.

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Using Work Computers at Home

[fa icon="calendar'] July 31, 2017 / by Dan Madigan posted in Tech Tips, Cyber Security

Many organizations have employees who work from home on company-supplied systems or devices which ensures that they have consistent state-of-the-art equipment and devices so they can work more efficiently. Many organizations neglect to implement guidelines or a proper-use policy regarding  company owned hardware.

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Windows 10 Tech Tip: Hidden features

[fa icon="calendar'] July 21, 2017 / by Dan Madigan posted in Tech Tips

Windows 10 is full of new features. Many of these, unfortunately, are hidden to everyday users. Here are a few tricks to improve your computing experience.

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Help Your Employees Adopt New Technology

[fa icon="calendar'] July 19, 2017 / by Dan Madigan posted in IT Roadmap, Virtual CIO, People Patching

Anyone who has ever worked through a botched, new technology roll-out knows that even the best thought-out plans can quickly turn disastrous, especially if employees do not adopt the new technology.

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Windows 10 Tech Tip: How to Keep Unwanted Software Off Your PC

[fa icon="calendar'] July 11, 2017 / by Dan Madigan posted in Tech Tips


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De-Clutter Your Phone and Your Digital Life

[fa icon="calendar'] July 5, 2017 / by Dan Madigan posted in Tech Tips

Earlier this month I received the dreaded notification that there was a software update available for my cell phone. The last update wreaked havoc: icons changed, the text size was altered and pictures vanished. Needless to say, I was not in a big hurry to install the latest update. Update notifications continued to buzz my phone on a daily basis so I finally succumbed to the pressure to update only to discover I did not have enough storage space available to accommodate the OS update - my phone was "too cluttered". If you have found yourself in the same predicament here are some simple steps you can take to de-clutter your phone and improve the time spent on the small screen:

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