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Are IT Acronyms a Mystery to You?

Posted September 15, 2017 by Communications

ISP, CPU, I.P.’s, LAN vs WAN, MSP are just a few acronyms that can cause business owners to feel as though they’re deciphering Chinese when making IT related business decisions. This can be stressful and time consuming given that these decisions will directly impact your company’s productivity and profit. As IT novices, many business people don’t know what most acronyms mean without looking them up. A good MSP, however, can help you wade through these acronyms which will allow you to make wise IT decisions to best suit your company’s goals.

What is an MSP? If you’re traveling to Minnesota it stands for the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, but, if you need IT help MSP stands for Managed Service Provider. Four Winds Network Services is an MSP who can partner with you in deciphering your IT needs with the goal of helping your company achieve its optimum productivity. Call Four Winds at 941.315.2380 and let us help you make it simple.