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Four Winds in the News! Managing a Remote Workforce

[fa icon="calendar'] March 27, 2020 / by Communications posted in Local I.T., Cloud Solutions, Disaster Preparedness

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Working from Home 101 | Your Guide to Creating a Remote Workforce

[fa icon="calendar'] March 17, 2020 / by Dylan Borden posted in Disaster Preparedness

Over the years more and more companies are embracing the idea of a remote workforce, allowing their employees to work where they please. Typically, people think of the tech industry and companies like Google as the poster child for this type of work environment, but in the next 10 years over a third of full-time employees are projected to work remote. Even today, 63% of companies have at least some remote workers or the capability to enable their employees to work from home when needed [1].

The reason for this shift? The benefits!

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Cloud Case Study - SitePro Streamlines Business with Azure

[fa icon="calendar'] February 26, 2020 / by Communications posted in Cloud Solutions

Cloud technology has been around for decades but it wasn't until 2006, when Eric Schmidt, Google's then CEO, reintroduced the term 'cloud computing' at an industry conference, that it took on it's modern day meaning. Since then, cloud technology has boomed made obvious by the now thousands of cloud-based business apps and over 83% of company workloads being stored on the cloud! [1]

So, with so many businesses already taking advantage of the cloud and the seemly limitless capabilities the cloud can offer, how can your company best take advantage of cloud technology? 

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Cash, Credit, or Debit - What Payment Methods are Most Secure?

[fa icon="calendar'] February 21, 2020 / by Dylan Borden posted in Local I.T., Tech Tips

Earlier this week ABC 7 My Suncoast news reached out to ask us some questions about the various payment methods available to consumers today and if there were situations when one would make sense over another (Watch the full story HERE), and after our interview we thought it would be important to share!

So which payment method should you use? Let's explore the various methods and the pros and cons of each!

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Business in the Clouds - An SMB's Guide to Cloud Solutions

[fa icon="calendar'] February 17, 2020 / by Dylan Borden posted in Cloud Solutions, Tech Tips

Have you ever avoided eating a food because you weren’t sure you’d like the taste, only to finally try it and wish you’d been eating it your whole life? Well, that’s essentially how businesses that haven’t investigated cloud solutions will be feeling in 2020...

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Hurricane Season: 7 Steps to Prep your Business

[fa icon="calendar'] February 14, 2020 / by Communications posted in Disaster Preparedness, Cyber Security

Hurricane Season 2019 is upon us but for most Floridians it's just another year in the Sunshine State. We've heard it all before and know what to do when a hurricane is on the radar: Stock up on canned foods and bottled water, test to see if your backup generator is still working, board up your windows and doors, stay up to date on the path of the storm, map out potential evacuation routes, and, if S#%! really hits the fan, call your in-laws to see if you can crash at their place where it’s safe and dry.

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